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Right To Manage


What is the right to manage?

The right to manage or RTM allows apartment owners to take control of block management from freeholders, and to appoint their own block management agents and set the agenda for the standard of maintenance and services and the level of service charges.
The members of the RTM company have one vote per apartment and it is this democratic process that allows the needs and priorities of the apartment owners to be met, rather than those of the block management company employed by the absentee freeholder.
Solutions for Property can offer the option of a NO WIN NO FEE RTM application to ensure there is no risk to leaseholders. With a 100% success rate to date, why continue to pay over inflated rates for a less than adequate service?

You could receive a higher standard of services and lower service charges

Where Solutions for Property has taken over buildings using the RTM process they have been able to deliver cost savings of between 10% and 30%, whilst also improving the level of building maintenance and services enjoyed by residents and apartment owners. There has not been one instance where the annual charge has increased, compared to the actual expenditure incurred by the previous agent in the previous year.

For example, we could help cut the cost of insurance. Where one successful block owner successfully achieved the Right to Manage, the insurance premium was reduced from £31,000 to £17,000 per annum – a saving of £14,000! Savings were also achieved in re-tendering cleaning, gardening and general maintenance contracts.

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