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Community Zone

What is the ‘Community Zone’?

The Community Zone is an on-line facility designed specifically for flat owners in blocks managed by Solutions for Property. From the site, owners can locate and view documents wherever and whenever they require. At Solutions for Property, we believe this service is unique to the property management industry in the UK.

Why has the Community Zone been created?

  • Transparency of information – Feedback has indicated this is a cause of frustration for owners
  • Keeping all owners informed and updated

Reduced Carbon Footprint:

  • Reduced printing materials (paper, ink and toner).
  • Reduction in energy to run the printers.
  • Doing our part to reduce CO2 emissions by minimising the use of the postage network.

There are also the added benefits of:

  • Maintaining competitive fees by saving on postage costs (envelopes/stamps/paper)
  • Owners can access their documents from anywhere in the world provided they have internet access. This is ideal for our owners based overseas.
  • Giving the Solutions for Property team more time by reducing administration tasks.
  • No waiting on the postman.
  • A back-up of all documents with no risk of them being deleted or corrupted.

Good service but how much will it cost?

For our owners, the access is free of charge. Yes….for free!

Are my documents safe?

Once you ‘Login’ the site uses a SSL Certificate which means the site is encrypted until the point in which you Logout. Community Zone pages cannot be accessed without a valid login and therefore without the secure protocol. The documents are stored within a secure database behind a secure firewall and cannot be accessed without a valid user id and password.

How will you know when a new document is uploaded?

An automated email will be sent to your nominated email account. The details will include:
Document title
Reference number
Who uploaded the document
Link directly to the LOGIN area of the website

What if an owner doesn’t want to use the service?

Of course we wouldn’t expect the service to be used by all our owners as some may not have access to a computer. Talk to your Solutions for Property Manager to review the options.