Welcome to Solutions for Property Block Management Services

Change is easier than you think

Solutions for Property have a proven track record in delivering positive change for leaseholders. Our unique way of managing allows us, in conjunction with the leaseholders, to create a bespoke agreement that suits the needs of each individual site.

Our whole philosophy is built around transparency by putting emphasis on trust. We understand that words are easy but how is that trust actually achieved?

  • We openly encourage the Residents Management Company to open their own bank account so they have first-hand knowledge of where their service charge is being spent and what’s being held in reserve. Due to the banking information always being available, there is never any uncertainty about finance.
  • The Resident Directors sign-off and pay a monthly invoice from Solutions for Property that covers all costs. That removes unexpected expenditure as all costs are agreed in advance and only paid once agreed.
  • We post all documents relating to the management onto a secure on-line site so that all leaseholders can be kept up to date. This is a great benefit to our overseas leaseholders.
  • We organise and facilitate half year and full year residents meetings. We ensure all leaseholders have the ability to bring ideas and concerns to the table.
  • We work closely with the Resident Directors with regard to maintenance. All maintenance costs are agreed and signed off before any work takes place.
  • We agree a realistic annual budget taking into consideration all known and potential costs…a good budget is essential to having financial stability.
  • It’s our goal to answer all phone calls. In the unlikely event we can’t, we guarantee to call back before the end of the day. We also guarantee all emails are responded to with in one working day.

These are just some of the processes we have in place that are fundamental to our operation. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to understand if we could be the alternative you have been looking for.